What I Learned From MBTI

I was already familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, however, it had been at least two years since I had seriously taken the test. Between now and two years ago, my personality has taken on a complete transformation, so I could say I have learned the metrics of personality measured in this test are […]

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My Goals

My short-term goals are fairly simple and they don’t require any heightened level of awareness or intelligence to accomplish. My short-term goals include working-out at least three times a week, being able to take effective notes, and making more time for a social life with my old friends. At the moment, I am only exercising once […]

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My Best At The Worst

It is true that human beings blossom into care-givers during times of catastrophic disaster, and this aspect of our essence is what progresses the collective to higher forms of altruism, or awareness beyond oneself.  In the case of my story, I brought attention to a silent disaster by verbalizing my concern to prevent another from happening. Last summer, I was […]

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