My Goals

My short-term goals are fairly simple and they don’t require any heightened level of awareness or intelligence to accomplish. My short-term goals include working-out at least three times a week, being able to take effective notes, and making more time for a social life with my old friends.

At the moment, I am only exercising once a week and can definitely tell that I’m getting more lethargic and it’s easier for me to get drained of energy mid-day. The extra energy will the primary motivator for hitting the gym, but being appealing to myself and others will also be a large part of the decision.

College life is different and college classes are not even comparable to high-school level work. I have a great memory for remembering classwork, not so much for planning my day, but with the increased amount information I need to retain it’s best that I create an organized system of taking notes. Right now, I write in a handful of notebooks that aren’t separated by subject, so each notebook contain notes from a combination of all the classes I attend. While I am still keeping up with the class information, I am going to become more serious about the organization and structure of my notes.

Between the fraternity, people I’ve met on campus that I occasionally hangout with, and classwork/studying. I haven’t been able to find time for my friends from high-school, even though we made it known to each other that we wanted to keep in touch. This outcome disappoints me and I’m sure they are disappointed too, so it’s something I’d like to change.

As for long-term goals, I’d like to live off my art, travel to other countries every weekend, and have an amazing family and wife.


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